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Katya embarked on her professional journey upon earning her Physical Therapy degree in 2014, laying a solid foundation for her career. Transitioning seamlessly into academia, she assumed the role of a clinical instructor, where she nurtured the skills and knowledge of aspiring therapists, fostering a legacy of excellence in her field.

Following the attainment of her licensure as a physical therapist in New York in 2015, Katya’s professional trajectory blossomed within the dynamic landscape of diverse healthcare environments. From bustling hospital wards to intimate private clinics, she honed her craft, enriching her practice with a wealth of hands-on experience and clinical insight.

Katya’s expertise transcends conventional boundaries, with a specialization as a certified movement specialist. Her areas of proficiency encompass a spectrum of musculoskeletal concerns, including

  • Upper, middle, and lower back issues
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Arthritis post-surgical rehabilitation

Central to Katya’s therapeutic approach is a commitment to holistic care, where she integrates targeted exercises, progressive resistance training, and therapeutic modalities to optimize outcomes. Her customized exercise regimens are meticulously crafted to enhance muscular endurance, flexibility, and overall strength, addressing acute injuries, chronic conditions, and post-surgical rehabilitation with equal dedication.

At our holistic approach clinic, Katya and her interdisciplinary team are devoted to maximizing patient outcomes through a collaborative, integrative approach. By partnering closely with massage therapists, acupuncturists, and Chinese herbal medicine practitioners, they curate synergistic treatment plans tailored to each individual’s distinct needs and aspirations. Together, they foster a healing environment where patients are empowered to thrive and unlock their fullest potential, embracing holistic wellness as a cornerstone of their journey towards health.

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  • Physical Therapist

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  • Cebu Doctors’ University, Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy

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  • English
  • Tagalog
  • Cebuano

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