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DDS Bioelectrical Stimulation Therapy

DDS massage is a pain-free healing alternative based on Chinese Medicinal Principles, modern Western Reflexology, Massage, and Bio-Electric Technology. The DDS Machine (CE Certified) generates a low electrical current that stimulates and increases connection and flow through the body’s meridians.

From a western perspective, the Bio-Electric current excites the peripheral nerve fibers & positively activates the central nervous system, communicating to the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins provide an analgesic effect to relieve pain naturally & sustainably while also enhancing moods, relaxing the body, and countering fatigue.

In addition to nerves being activated, the cells of the body are energized & reactivated. This improves overall cellular function, communication, and connection. The healing and detoxing processes of the cells are heightened. Overall, the cells are rearranged and charged, contributing to a more organized, efficient, and sustainable way of working in harmony inside our bodies. With regular application of DDS therapy, the body may be able to heal itself in a more efficient manner.

For over a decade in China, the DDS Bio-Electric Technology has been revealing a noteworthy impact on endless health conditions, restoring many back to a balanced and higher standard of health. DDS has been observed to aid in these numerous health conditions:

  • Support blood and lymph circulation and health

  • Minimize fatigue

  • Purify and Detoxify the Body

  • Improve metabolism and aid in weight loss

  • Regulate the Bodies Digestive System

  • Restore acid/alkaline balance

  • Alleviate symptoms and side effects of strokes

  • Diabetes prevention and improvement

  • Regulate blood pressure (not above 160 and not below 110)

  • Counter signs of aging and wrinkles

  • Clears Blockages along the Bodies Meridians

  • Promote Blood Circulation

  • Activate Cells

  • Activate Nerve and Muscle Tissue

  • Decreases Inflammation