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Zhu Ling Tang 豬苓湯


Polyporus Combination (dampness-draining formula)

Effects: moistening the yin to clearing heat; draining water and relaxing the bowels

Indications: cold damage yang brightness disease; floating pulse; fever; thirst with desire to drink; inhibited urination; diarrhea induced by lesser yin syndrome; cough, vomiting and thirst; vexation and inability to sleep; dampness-heat jaundice; difficult and painful discharge of reddish urine; fullness and pain in the lower abdomen

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in dis-inhibiting urine, relieving strangury and stopping bleeding> it is effective to urethritis; nephritis; pyelitis; cirrhosis of kidney; cystitis; hematuria; urinary urgency; painful urination; enterorrhea; enteritis; strangury; diarrhea; edema; insomnia.  For kidney and bladder stones resulting i bleeding, couple with Tangkuei Four Combination(). For kidney and bladder stones, couple with Peony & Licorice Combination.



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