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Zhen Ren Huo Ming Yin 真人活命饮


Angelica & Mastic Combination (formula for treating abscess and ulcer)

EFFECTS: dissipating stasis and detoxifying; activating blood and dispersing swelling

INDICATIONS: the initial phase of all abscesses; reddening swelling and pain; suppuration in emergency case

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating the initial swelling and toxin of all abscesses and yin-yang sore toxin of all sorts. it will make abscessnot yet formed resolved and abscess rupture by taking this formula before abscess breaks out.

Do not use if the abscesses already has ruptured.  For abscess not yet formed, couple with Gleditsia Combination (Tuo Li Xiao Du Yin).  For unruptured abscess, couple with Platycodon & Chih Shih Formula (Pai Nong San). For red swollen heat pain, couple with Coptis & Scute Combination (Huang Lian Jie Du Tang)