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Yin Qiao San 銀翹散


Lonicera & Forsythia Formula (exterior-releasing formula)

EFFECTS: outthrusting through the exterior with coolness and acridity; clearing heat to detoxify

INDICATIONS: the early stage of warm disease; fever without sweating, or inhibited sweating; slight aversion to wind-cold; headache; thirst; sore throat induced by dampness-warmth; white or thin-yellow fur; floating rapid pulse

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating common cold with fever; influenza; acute tonsilitis; acute angina, acute bronchitis, measles; hepatitis B, mumps, erysipelas. Very effective to wind-heat symptom in the initial stage of infectious diseases above.

For wind-heat thirst, couple with Gypsum Combination (Bai Hu Tang)