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Wu Zhu Yu Tang 吳茱萸湯


Evodia Combination (cold-dispelling formula)

EFFECTS: warming the middle and tonifying deficiency; downbearing counterflow to check vomiting

INDICATIONS: 1) Yang brightness cold vomiting-deficiency cold in the stomach; a desire to retch after eating; fullness and oppression in the chest and diaphragm; stomach duct pain; acid regurgitation and clamoring stomach. 2) Reverting yin headache-dry retching; ejection of drool and foam; headache. 3) Lesser yin vomiting and diarrhea-lesser yin disease; vomiting and diarrhea; counterflow cold of the extremities; severe vexation and agitation

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in warming the liver and stomach; downbearing counterflow.  Its a useful formula for liver-stomach deficiency cold.  Applied to chronic gastritis; neurotic headache; neurosis; pregnant vomiting