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Wu Ling San 五苓散


Hoelen Five Herb Formula (dampness-draining formula)

EFFECTS: warming yang to resolve qi; fortifying the spleen and promoting diuresis

INDICATIONS: heat in the gallbladder; inhibited urination; vexation and thirst; internal stagnation of retained fluid; palpitations below the umbilicus; vomiting while drinking; nephritis; thirst induced by water metabolic disorder; vomiting; dizziness; headache; edema; acute gastroenteritis

CLINICAL REFERENCE: urine stagnation; nephritis; hepatitis; watery diarrhea; cardiac edema; scrotumedema; uremic; dizziness and headache; heliosis (sunstroke); conjuctivitis; dacryocystitis; night blindness; blister on the skin; chicken pox; vomiting and diarrhea due to common cold; acute gastroenteritis; gastroptosis; diabetes mellitus; naupathia; dyspepsia; morning sickness; hypersecretion of saliva