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Wen Jing Tang 溫經湯


Tangkuei & Evodia Combination (formula for menstruation and childbirth)

EFFECTS: warming the meridian to dissipate cold; dispelling stasis and nourishing blood.

INDICATION: deficiency cold in the thoroughfare and conception vessels; blood stasis obstruction ; incessant spotting; menstrual irregularities; heat in the palms; dry lips and mouth; lower abdominal urgency; abdominal fullness; cold uterus and infertility.

CLINICALREFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating menopausal syndrome; infertility; menstrual irregularities; vaginal discharge; uterine agenesis; habitual abortion ; internal depression of blood stasis; lower abdominal pain; profuse menstruation; metrorrhagia in the menopause; infertility due to lumbar and uterine cold.



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