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Wen Dan Tang 溫膽湯


Hoelen & Bamboo Combination

EFFECTS: clearing gallbladder and harmonizing the stomach; dispelling phlegm and tranquilizing.

INDICATION: heart-gallbladder deficiency timidity; susceptibility to fright whenever  taking  things; dreams of bad omen; confused with extraordinary phenomenon,  followed  by heart and gallbladder shocked; qi depression engendering drool; mutual contention  of drool and qi, and resulting in all diseases. shortness of breath and palpitation; spontaneous sweating; puffy swollen limbs; inability to taste food; vexation of deficiency type; fidgetiness sitting or lying.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating insomnia; fright palpitation; palpitation and tachycardia; qi depression diseases; vexation of deficiency type and gastrointestinal barrier following severe illness etc.

For insomnia due to excessive thought, couple with Tangkuei Bupleurum Formula(Xiao Yao San)



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