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Wei Ling Tang 胃苓湯


Magnolia & Hoelen Combination (digestant formula)

EFFECTS: eliminating dampness and harmonizing the stomach; resolving accumulation and checking diarrhea.

INDICATION: dampness trapped in spleen-stomach; dyspepsia; food accumulation; vomiting due to cholera; swelling; diarrhea; aching pain of the limbs; short voidings of urine; dampness malaria and water gu; wind damage in pregnancy; postpartum diarrhea.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating acute gastroenteritis, acute/chronic nephritis, thirst and abdominal pain; inhibited urination, dispersing swelling and checking diarrhea, food poisoning, wasting-thirst, diabetes mellitus; nocturia, etc.



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