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Si Ni Tang 四逆湯


Aconite Ginger & Licorice (cold-dispelling formula)

EFFECTS: effusing the exterior and dissipating cold; warm the middle and checking diarrhea.

INDICATION: cold damage to three yin; generalized/abdominal pain; clear-food diarrhea; aversion to cold without  thirst,  reversal cold of the extremities,  or no aversion  to cold; reddened complexion and agitation; interior cold with exterior heat; dry retching; sore throat; sunken  faint pulse.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is  often  used  in  treating  excess/inappropriate  promoting  sweating; diarrhea; dyspepsia; vomiting and diarrhea  due  to  cholera;  food  poisoning;  heart  failure  due to  excess  loss of  blood due to  trauma,  operation,  or  labor;  reversal  cold of the  extremities;  failure  of  metabolism  with  sunken  faint  pulse.  It  is  used to stimulate nerves.

For abdominal pain due to blood deficiency, couple with Tangkuei Four Combination(Si Wu Tang). For generalized pain due to qi deficiency, couple with , couple with Major  Four  Herb Combination (Si Jun Zi Tang) . For clear-food diarrhea, couple with Ginseng Ginger Combination(Li Zhong Tang).