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Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang 疏經活血湯


Clematis & Stephania Combination (blood-regulating formula)

EFFECTS: unblocking the meridian and activating blooddispelling wind to free the collateral vessels .

INDICATION: generalized stabbing pain, even worse on left foot, for the left belongs to blood.    mostly resulting from damage due to alcoholic and sexual intemperance emptiness   of sinews and vessels wind-cold-dampness-heat; heat enveloped in cold followed by pain damaging meridian and collateral; alleviation in the daytime and severity in the night; muscular pain; wind-damp  pain in lumbus and knees, etc.

blood stasis and toxin, combined with wind-cold resulting in severe pain in muscle, joints, nerve, sinews and bones; particularly for the aching pain in the lumbus and lower limbs which is due to alcoholic and sexual intemperance, internal damage and external contraction.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula  is often used in treating rheumatism; blood stasis; blood toxin and it  works well with aching lumbus and leg pain; gonarthritis ; sciatica; numbness in the lower limb; leg qi puffy swelling; hemiplegia; gout; hypertension; postpartum pain due  to thrombosis(blood-wind  taxation);  neuralgia in the lumbus and leg.



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