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Shi Quan Da Bu Tang 十全大補湯


Ginseng & Tangkuei Ten Combination (tonifying and replenishing formula)

EFFECTS: tonifying qi and replenishing blood; up bearing yang and enriching yin.

INDICATION: dual deficiency of qi and blood; dizziness; emaciation and  inappetence;  lassitude  of  the  limbs; anemia; tonification after operation/childbirth; seminal emission; vaginal discharge;   deteriorated   vision   after   long-suffering  disease.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating chronic myeloid leukemia and all kinds of anemias; It defends hematopoietic organ and enhances antibiotic effects of the blood. It also has the effect on relieving uterine cancer and breast cancer, and can promote hematopoiesis and enhance immunity with frequent use.