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Sheng Mai Yin 生脈飲


Ginseng & Ophiopogon Formula (summerheat-clearing formula)

Effects: tonifying qi and constraining sweating; tonifying yin and engendering  fluid.

Indications: heat damaging original qi; lassitude and shortness of breath; thirst with profuse sweating; cough due to lung deficiency .

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating qi damaged by summerheat; damage to both qi and fluid, manifested by lassitude with profuse sweating; shortness of breath, thirst.chronic cough due to lung deficiency, spontaneous sweating, dry mouth and tongue.

Useful in relieving vexation or insomnia induced by pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, neuroism. Arrhythmias caused by diabetes or coronary heart disease, dehydration  and collapse, cardiogenic shock due to deficiency of qi and fluid.



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