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Shen Zhuo Tang 肾著汤


(dampness-draining formula)

EFFECTS: warming  the spleen and dispelling  dampness;  moving qi and promoting  diuresis.

INDICATION: cold-dampness damaging the spleen, manifested by heavy body; cold pain from the lumbus down; normal diet without thirst; spontaneous urination; lumbago, and female white  vaginal  discharge, etc.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: coldness in lumbus; lumbago; sciatica; enuresis; vaginal discharge; swollen lower extremity during  pregnancy;  labia edema;  urinary  incontinence; coldness in lumbus and body pain; senile bladder-sphicter numbness; infantile nocturia; rheumatoid  arthritis; dampness by nature weak foot; lumbar strain; urinary tract infection ; chronic pelvic  inflammation, etc.



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