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San Huang Xie Xin Tang 三黃瀉心湯


Coptis and Rhubarb Combination (fire-draining/reducing)

EFFECTS: purging fire to detoxify; clearing and purging triple energizer .

INDICATION: stuffiness and heat below the heart; heart qi deficiency; hematemesis; epistaxis; accumulated heat in the triple energizer; headache and painful swollen nape; red eyes and aphtha; agitation in the chest and diaphragm; constipation; reddish difficult urination; emaciation due to wasting-thirst.

CLINICAREFERENCE: hypertension; constipation; cerebral hemorrhage;  disquieted mind; every kind  of excess heat fire pattern/syndrome, such as bleeding, insomnia, etc.

For thirst due to hangover, couple with Hoe/en Five Herb Formula(Wu Ling San).