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Qing Zhou Jiu Fei Tang 清燥救肺湯


Eriobotrya & Ophiopogon Combination (dryness-moistening formula)

EFFECTS: clearing heat and moistening dryness; suppressing cough and calming panting.

INDICATION: dryness heat damaging the lung; headache and fever; dry cough with  no phlegm; cough following qi counterflow dry throat and nose; fullness in the  chest and pain in the hypochondrium; vexation and thirst; dry mouth with no fur; all qi huffing and depression; all wilting, panting ,and retching etc.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating cough and panting caused by all kinds of acute and chronic infectious diseases and influenza; dry tracheitis; cough with scant  phlegm; raging thirst and sore throat; hemoptysis; pulmonary tuberculosis; resolving phlegm and moistening the lung. It has function of cooling and resolving heat, settling cough and dispelling phlegm, enriching and nourishing, anti-inflammation.



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