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Qing Wei San 清胃散


Coptis & Rehmannia Formula (fire-draining/reducing formula)

EFFECTS: clearing the stomach and cooling the blood; purging fire to detoxify.

INDICATION: accumulated heat in the stomach, couple with the head annoyed by teethache; fever of the whole face; thirst with a liking for cold but aversion to heat; gumboil; gum bleeding; swelling and pain in the lips, mouth and cheek.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating stomatitis; swelling and pain in the throat; teethache; gumboil; fetid mouth odor; dry mouth, for it has the effects of anti-inflammation, resolving heat, cooling the blood and detoxification.

For swollen gums, couple with Sweet Combination(Gan Lu Yin) For teethache due to summerheat, couple with Gypsum Combination( Bai Hu Tang ).