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Qing Su Yi Qi Tang 清暑益氣湯


Astragulus & Atractylodes Combination (summer-heat clearing formula)

EFFECTS: clearing heat and eliminating dampness; boosting qi and engendering fluid.

INDICATION: long summer dampness-heat steaming with flame; fatigued limbs; exhaustion of essence and spirit; fullness in the chest and hasty breathing; fever with vexation; thirst and aversion to food; spontaneous sweating; heavy body; pain in the limbs; inhibited voidings of reddish urine; sloppy yellow stool with vacuous pulse.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating summer-heat stroke; lassitude of the limbs; fever with vexation; short voidings of reddish urine; inappetence; autonomic instability caused by summer dampness-heat marked by thirst and generalized lassitude. For abdominal pain due to cold drink, couple with Magnolia & Hoe/en Combination(/fg-&j/g). For short voidings of reddish urine, couple with Hoe/en Five Herb Formula(Wu Ling San) or Bamboo Leaves Gypsum Combination(Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang ). For lassitude due to consumptive disease, couple with Minor Bupleurum Combination(Xiao Chai Hu Tang)