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Mai Men Dong Tang 麥門冬湯


Ophiopogon Combination (dryness-moistening formula)

EFFECTION: moistening the lung and down-bearing counterflow; clearing heat to dispel phlegm.

INDICATION: deficiency of the lung yin; fire counterflow with qi; discomfort in the throat; spastic cough due to acute/chronic bronchitis resulting from lung atrophy; bouts of continuous coughing; taxation cough; cough induced by pharyngolaryngitis; pregnant cough with dyspnea; pertussis; loss of voice bronchial asthma, etc.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating phlegm-fluid retention cough symptoms such as deficiency fire flaming upward; bronchitis bronchial cough; lung fire; anginapertussis; throat node; pulmonary tuberculosis; hoarse voice or loss of voice; diabetes mellitus; apoplexy hypertension and hypotension; arteriosclerosis; cough during pregnancy; bronchial asthma; scant phlegm difficult to expectorate; frequent hoarse voice.