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Ma Zi Ren Wan 麻子仁湯


Apricot Seed & Linum Formula (dryness-moistening formula)

EFFECTS: moistening  the  intestines  and discharging  heatmoving qi and relaxing the bowels.

INDICATION: dryness-heat in the intestines and stomach; insufficiency of fluid and  humor; distention and fullness in the abdomen; hard bound stool; frequent urination; bleeding hemorrhoids and constipation,  etc.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often applied to aging people and those of weak constitution. Blood desiccation and fluid deficiency; blood dryness; heat in the intestines and stomach, resulting in habitual constipation, frequent urination,  nocturia, renal atrophy;  hemorrhoid couple with constipation, etc.



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