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Li Zhong Tang 理中湯


Ginseng & Ginger Combination (cold-dispelling formula)

EFFECTIS: warming  the middle to dispel cold; tonifying qi and fortifying  the  spleen.

INDICATION: spleen-stomach deficiency cold; pain in the stomach duct and abdomen; watery diarrhea; vomitting without thirst; abdominal fullness and reduced food intake; pale tongue with white fur; sunken pulse or slow moderate pulse; loss of blood due to yang deficiency;  chronic  infantile convulsion, frequent  spitting  of drool  and foam  after illness  chest impediment, induced by deficiency  cold in the middle enerqizer.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula  is often used in treating  chronic gastritis; gastroduodenal ulcer; gastric neurosis; neurotic vomiting; pyloric spasm; chronic enteritis; colitis; infantile autointoxication. For female deficiency cold, couple with Tangkuei Four Combination(Si Wu Tang)For deficiency cold due to weak  body, couple with Major Four Herb Combination(Si Jun Zi Tang). For deficiency cold due to diet, couple with Magnolia Hoe/en Combination(Wei Ling Tang).



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