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Huang Qi Wu Wu Tang 黃耆五物湯


Astragulus & Cinnamon Five Herb Combination (tonifying and replenishing formula)

EFFECTS: tonifying qi and warming the meridiantonifying deficiency and diffusing impediment.

INDICATION: wind disablement without  generalized  pain; hemiplegiaweakness  of the limbs; inability to walk With this formula taken at a long interval, the effect will be seen. The  so called blood impediment is marked by insufficiency of healthy qi, disharmony  between nutrient and defense followed by contraction of wind  pathogen;  inhibited flow of qi and blood, and resulting in numbness of the    skin.

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating nerve paralysis; facial palsy; limb numbness; lumbar soreness and cold feet; dizziness; emaciation and weakness; hemiplegia; weak foots with welling  and pain; chronic  rheumatism,  etc.

For blood impediment with pain, couple with Tangkuei Four Combination(Si Wu Tang).