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Gui Zhi Tang 桂枝湯


Cinnamon Combination (exterior-effusing formula)

EFFECTS: releasing the flesh and effusing the exterior; harmonizing the nutrient and defense

INDICATION: external contraction of wind-cold; headache and fever; aversion to wind with sweating; noisy nose and dry retching; white fuwith no thirst; floating moderate or weak pulse

CLINICAL REFERENCE: This formula is often used in treating external contraction of wind pathogen; neuralgia; headache; abdominal pain due to cold; weaconstitution  with  effulgent  flow  of  blood  ; morning  sickness;  neurasthenia;  impotence  and  seminal  emission.  It  can  be  a  roborant for children who are liable to catch coldbetter effect when couple witAstragalus Siler Formula( Yu Ping Feng SanFor wind-cold following illness, couple with Minor Bupleurum Combination(Xiao Chai Hu Tang)



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