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Gui Lu Er Xian Jiao 龜鹿二仙膠


Testudinis & Cervi Combination (tonifying and replenishing formula)

Effects: greatly tonifying the essence-marrow; tonifying qi and nourishing spirit.

Indications: warming the kidney and nourishing the liverstrengthen sinew and bonetonifying qi and nourishing blood; producing essence  and marrowdizziness;  lassitude and weakness limp aching lumbus and limbs; numbness in the limbs; cold limbs and aversion to cold; emaciation;  dim complexion.

Clinical Reference:  This formula  is often used in treating symptoms induced by deficiency of kidney qi, essence and blood, such as consumptive disease lumbagoseminal emission ,impotenceenuresisinfertility hypoadrenocorticism;  sexual dysfunctiondegeneration arthritis, and osteoporosis.



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