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Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang 葛根黃芩黃連湯


Pueraria Coptis Scute Combination (exterior-interior-releasing formula)

Effects: promoting sweating to resolve heat; harmonizing the blood and unblocking the vessels

Indications: 1) greater yang cold damage pattern/syndrome: stiffness of the nape and neck; headache in the early stages of common cold; fever without sweating; 2) combination of greater yang and yang brightness disease-diarrhea, vomiting, or scant urination; panting and fullness with inability to eat. clenched jaw preventing speech, febrile convulsion with chills

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating common cold, influenza, pneumonia. bronchitis, forty year old’s wrist; frozen shoulder; neuralgia; myasthenia gravis; eczema; rubella; suppurative deep-rooted boil; furuncle; tonsilitis; otitis media; rhinitis; nasal congestion; otitis externa; meningitis; lymphadenitis; mastitis; scarlet fever; gastroenteritis; dysentary; knee arthritis



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