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Gan Lu Xiao Du Yin 甘露消毒飲


Forsythia & Acorus Formula (fire-draining/reducing formula)

Effects: clearing heat to detoxify; draining dampness and resolving turbidity

Indications: seasonal epidemic due to dampness-warmth; pathogen in the qi aspect; fever and lassitude; oppression in the chest; abdominal distention; sore limbs and throat; yellow eyes; swollen cheeks and thirst; short voidings of red-colored urine; vomiting and diarrhea; turbid strangury ; constipation or ungratifying diarrhea; fetid odor; pale or yellow-slimy fur

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating jaundice hepatitis; cholecystitis; acute gastroenteritis; thirst due to acute febrile diseases such as influenza red urine; sore throat and mumps; inflammation of vocal cords, etc.



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