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Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang 防己黃耆湯


Stephania and Astragulus Combination (dampness-draining formula)

Effects: fortifying the spleen and replenishing qi; inducing diuresis to alleviate  edema .

Indications: insecurity of exterior qi; wind edema or wind-dampness; sweating with aversion to wind; heavy body; inhibited urination; pale tongue with white fur; floating pulse; susceptibility to fatigue; knee pain; nephritis, etc.

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating rheumatic arthritis;  hyperhydrosis; obesity; nephritis; hydrocele; puffy swelling  in the  lower limb; uratic arthritis;  muscular pain. For chronic nephritis with edema, couple with Hoe/en Areca Combination (Wu Pi Yinor Hoe/en Five Herb Formula (Wu Ling San). For rheumatoid arthritis; puffy swelling in the lower limb, couple with Rehmannia Eight Formula(Ba Wei Di Huang Wan)



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