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Dang Guei Yin Zi 當歸飲子


Tangkuei and Tribulus Combination (formula for treating abscess and ulcer)

Effects: tonifying qi and activating blood; dispersing wind and eliminating dampness.

Indications: wind-heat retained internally; stasis and stagnation of heart blood; diffusion in the skin; generalized itching due to sore and scab.

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating sore, scab and wind lichen; itching induced by dampness toxin, such as chronic urticaria; pityriasis rosea; psoriasis; chronic eczema;  all kinds of sores, etc.

suppurative skin diseases; early stage acute skin diseases; urticaria; acute eczema; tinea pedis(athlete’s foot); acne; mastitis; maxillary sinusitis; otitis media; otitis externa; lymphadenitis, etc.



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