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Da Cheng Qi Tang 大承氣湯


Major Rhubarb Combination (interior-attacking formula)

Effects: purging heat and eliminating stasis; eliminating stuffiness and fullness.

Indications: yang  brightness  bowel pattern/syndrome-  difficulty  in defecation  due to stomach excess induced by yang pathogen entering the interior; fever and delirious speech; spontaneous sweating without aversion to cold; simultaneous occurrence of stuffiness, fullness, dryness, excess and hardness; triple energizer with sunken replete pulse, or yang  brightness febrile convulsion with  chills .

Clinical Reference: This formula is often used in treating febrile diseases; hypertension; weak foot; heat manic psychosis; infantile acute epilepsy; food poisoning; habitual constipation;  obesity; dysentery; hemorrhoid; bleeding piles.



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