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We do a complete job in our physical therapy clinic. Even if you have tried any other places before with no or little results, we will still restore your health by giving you treatment that will fix your problem.

When you come in, your customized physical therapy visits may include modalities like electrical stimulation, ultrasound with hot or cold packs, therapeutic massages to relax areas with muscle spasms and break up scar tissue and manual therapy to fix the issue altogether.

However, we not only restore your health but we teach you how to stay healthy with no help because we don’t want you to be coming for physical therapy sessions for long! We teach you to become independent from our therapists by maintaining your health on your own. We also teach you to know how to prevent situations that have caused you pain to call for an appointment in the first place.

As part of the job, you learn to do stretches and then strengthening exercises which are done to correct muscle imbalances.

Our specialties include orthopedic physical therapy and traditional Chinese style acupuncture. We also specialize in Chinese acupuncture, Chinese herb, acupressure, Chinese Tui-Na technique, Western osteopathic spinal manipulation, soft tissue release, and therapeutic exercise to address pain management (neck, shoulder, lower back, knee, and ankle joint or muscular pain), general fatigue, facial palsy, headache, dizziness & vertigo, insomnia, depression & anxiety, irregular menstruation, male conditions, menopause syndrome, weight management, etc.

If your tried other clinics before and they didn’t work out for you, we know how to make you healthy and happy again!