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Conditions Treated

Treatable condition

In 1980, the World Health Organization (WHO) published 40 commonly encountered clinical disorders that acupuncture treats effectively. In 1997, research by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) confirmed this list of conditions.
Our clinic provides quality healthcare through acupuncture and herbal medicine. In our practice, we have been able to give relief to people with the following conditions.

Auto-Immune and Endocrine

  • Chemo and radiation side-effect
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hypothyroidism


Circulatory/ Cardiology



Gynecological / Urology

Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose, and Throat

  • Blurred vision
  • headaches
  • Migraines
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Sore throat
  • Spotted vision




  • Insomnia
  • hypersomnia


Other Benefits

  • Deep relaxation
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Stop smoking
  • Stress reduction
  • Substance abuse
  • Weight control

If you are getting treatments for Pain

Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Many of our patients receive acupuncture to eliminate pains and aches in the body. Some of you will experience complete recovery from pain with only one treatment, while others may require a few treatments to completely eliminate the pain. Young adults and children usually respond the fastest, while some elderly patients and those with chronic pains may take longer to heal. We cannot tell you the exact number of treatments you will need as everybody is different.
Generally, there are 2 types of pain in the point of view of TCM: Excess or Deficiency. Those with excruciating pains are Excess pains and are usually present within the first week of pain onset. After the first couple of weeks, it progresses to Deficiency pain, which is less excruciating and usually feels better with pressure.
Please understand that you may experience pains that go from a Deficiency type to the Excess type during your treatments, so your pain may feel worse, but rest assured that this is a sign that you are healing and that we are on the right track. If you feel pain the day after your treatment, please call and make an appointment for the following day so that we may continue to bring your pain level to zero.
Continuing acupuncture treatments for pain every other day gives the best results. Getting acupuncture for pain only once a week may only give relief for a couple of days and allows the pain to return without full recovery.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

The female period should simply be the inconvenience of bleeding for 5 to 7 days of every 28 days — PERIOD! There should not be cramping, clotting, any type of pain, or moodiness. Women these days have so many period problems because they do not know how to take care of themselves or because they were unlucky and caught the flu/cold during the period. Since western medicine does not know how to treat these symptoms, they tell their patients that cramping is normal–NOT TRUE! The menses is a good sign of female health. If her menses is perfect, then a woman can not have any serious disease.
The normal period is bleeding for approximately 5 to 7 days of every 27 to 30 days with clean, bright red blood. The number of days of both the period and the cycle should be consistent from month to month. There are rare exceptions to the timing if the timing is the only symptom. If any, the only other symptom of the period should be a slight full sensation in the breast just before the period comes on. Any other symptoms indicate an imbalance that should be treated by a skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner as soon as possible to prevent more serious problems later in life.
During the period, women should avoid anything that will block blood flow, like eating or drinking cold things, exposing themselves to cold, swimming, taking a bath (warm/hot showers are ok), sex, using tampons, etc. If you go out in the cold without enough clothing, your body will tighten up to conserve heat. The inside of your body is the same. Cold food, drink, or environment will make it tighten up, then the blood can not flow properly (think of a glacier). Swimming or taking a bath will put all the water pressure back up into the uterus, preventing the proper flow of blood (think how heavy a gallon of water or juice is). Sex will obviously push the blood back. Tampons are just like a dam on the river.
As far as we know, you need water and nutrition to support life. What is blood? … Blood is mostly water with a small nutritional component. Any blood that is not completely discharged during the period will provide a good environment for the flies (see Flies in the Living Room). Where the blood accumulates determines what western disease name women may get. If the blood stays in the ovaries, uterus, or breast, women will receive a western diagnosis like cancer, cyst, and fibromyalgia. Blood that reverts to the heart tends to develop into a western diagnosis of lupus. When blood reverts to the spine, the western diagnosis is usually leukemia. Facial hair on women is usually because the blood is reverting up to the face. And so on …
The blood of the female menses is unused breast milk since the woman did not get pregnant that month. The nutrition accumulates in the breast all month until it is time for the cycle, which is why there may be a slight full sensation in the breast just before the period. When the cycle starts, the white nutrition of the breast milk is supposed to descend past the heart (fire like the sun), where it is cooked the first time, turning it pink. Then, as the nutrition passes the small intestine (fire like the earth’s hot core), it is cooked again, turning red. The liver (wood like trees) filters the blood and keeps it flowing smoothly. In TCM, the spleen (earth) is responsible for the production of blood. Any serious disease will involve three of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), so since a health period requires the proper function of three elements, women with good periods can not have a serious disease.
For more detailed information, see woman first by Susan Hathaway

LRB 03/31/2004


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

If you have heart disease or high blood pressure and are concerned about getting a heart attack or stroke. Please read this carefully.
Before a heart attack or stroke, the body will display specific symptoms. Please be aware if you have one or more of the cardinal warning signs:

  1. Constant inability to sleep for over 3 months for no apparent reason is a predicting symptom of a heart attack or stroke.
  2. An irregular bowel movement. At times constipation, other times diarrhea. This is a strong warning sign of a heart attack or stroke.
  3. Tingling, numbness in the fingertips and toes generally means a stroke or heart attack will occur in 3 months.
  4. Chronic fatigue and the desire to sleep all the time. The feeling of fatigue even when one has slept through the night.
  5. A heartburn-type pain. Occasional chest pains for no apparent reason. Sometimes worse in the evening hours.

If an individual experiences the symptoms listed above even after taking modern medical drugs, a heart attack/stroke risk will be greater than without the drugs. A physician who can cure the symptoms above can prevent a heart attack or stroke. Every individual who has experienced a heart attack/stroke has had cardinal symptoms. As a patient, trust yourself and pay attention to your symptoms. Also, regulate your diet to follow these guidelines:

  1. Take foods such as shellfish, fried foods, sweets, chocolate, and alcohol and egg yolk in moderation. Cigarettes should be avoided as well.
  2. Keep the mind tranquil. Free your mind from worries. Avoid augments and anger. Maintain a sense of humor.
  3. Many modern drugs cause heart damage. Check with your doctor before taking any.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western medicine views cancer as abnormal growths within the body, which quickly spreads if not treated with radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, or toxic chemical drugs. They attempt to “kill “cancer by any means necessary, often costing the patient hundreds of thousands of dollars. These procedures do not eliminate all the cancer cells in the body and will often cause them to spread to other areas.
When a Western M.D. gives a patient a cancer diagnosis, the now tarried patient will have anxiety, fear, depression, and worried negative thoughts. Unfortunately, the MD just initiated the destruction of quality of life for both the patient and the patient’s family. The over-worried and terrified patient then experiences negative side effects manifested on the body due to knowing they have cancer and experience emotional trauma. Some patients even die from heart attacks caused by the stress of knowing what kind of cancer is within their body, even before having any complications from cancer. This proves that regardless of the cancer name given (lupus, leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoma, uterine myoma, bronchogenic carcinoma, etc.), it only causes more harm than good M.D.’s who frighten the patient by telling them they have “X cancer” or “Y cancer” does absolutely nothing to help the patient, nor does it solve the problem. Since M.D.s don’t know where cancer comes from, how can they successfully treat it?
Now let’s change your thinking and give you a different concept using Traditional Chinese Medicine. When cancer cells remain in the body, it is a result of the body’s environment. Think of an orange tree. It grows in just the right environment, sunny and warm (like Florida). But if you dig up the tree and transplant it up north in Michigan, it will not survive. This concept of “growing in the right environment” can be applied when treating cancer with Traditional Chinese Medicine. We use natural organic herbs to help change the body’s environment, making it undesirable for cancer cells to survive.
We concentrate on the patient’s symptoms and not the specific disease name. we do not frighten the patient with a disease name, which allows for the patient to remain calm during treatment and allows for continued quality of life. We know how to effectively heal the body and eliminate cancer since we know where it comes from and its causes.

Breast cancer (BREAST DISORDERS)

Western medicine

Western medicine believes the breasts can develop various types of disorders. Some of the commonly occurring types of breast disorders are illustrated in the drawing below.

Fibroadenomas are fibrous, benign (noncancerous) growths in breast tissue. These growths are solid, usually painless lumps that are not attached to any structures in the breast. A fibroadenoma is usually removed surgically, using a local anesthetic.
A cyst is a fluid-filled sac. The cause of breast cysts is unknown. In the vast majority of cases, cysts are not harmful, although they may cause pain. Cysts sometimes disappear by themselves, or your doctor may draw out the fluid with a needle.
A breast abscess is a collection of pus resulting from an infection. Symptoms may include tenderness and inflammation. Antibiotics are prescribed to treat the infection, and your doctor may drain the pus.
Fibrocystic breast disease is a common condition characterized by an increase in the fibrous and glandular tissues in the breasts, which results in small, nodular cysts, noncancerous lumpiness, and tenderness. Although called a “disease,” this condition is not a disease. There is no specific treatment for fibrocystic disease. Treatment of the cysts may be all that is needed (see Cysts above).
A precancerous or cancerous tumor usually shows up as a white area on a mammogram even before it can be felt. In cases where the tumor is cancerous, it may appear as a white area with radiating arms. A cancerous tumor may have no symptoms or may cause swelling, tenderness, and discharge from the nipple or indentation of the nipple, or a dimpled appearance in the skin over the tumor (see inset). A breast biopsy helps determine whether a mass is cancerous.
Women who have had a family history of breast cancer and have the first child after age 30 are encouraged to participate in these routine screenings. . Unfortunately, Western Medicine does not know the exact cause of breast cancer.
Treatments available in western medicine:

  1. Hormonal therapy. Most Western medical practitioners now realize that giving hormone replacement therapy actually causes an increase in the incidence of breast cancer.
  2. Surgery, often in combination with radiation and chemical toxic therapy (chemotherapy). When surgery is recommended, anesthesia precedes the operation. Surgical treatments range from a lumpectomy, in which only a breast lump is removed, to the removal of the entire breast (mastectomy). Unfortunately, these procedures often have adverse side effects worse than the original disease itself. Worse yet, after all of this, many patients find out later that these procedures have: Failed to eliminate all the cancer cells in the body. It caused the cancer cells to mutate and spread to other areas or return later.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that a female’s period is derived from breast milk nutrients (not THE milk). The breast milk source is the same as the period. Before the menstruation comes, women feel the breast tender and distend, when bleeding and the pressure in the breasts are relieved. Having a normal monthly ‘period’ is crucial for the milk nutrients to be eliminated from the body. Women who are no longer menstruating must have a good daily bowel movement to eliminate the milk nutrients.
Why breast milk is white and period is red? Because Chinese practitioner believes breast milk is controlled by the Heart. The Heart and the Small Intestine are external and internal relationships. The heart produces heat, and the small intestine has the heat the same as the heart to digest food, and also there is no Heart and Small Intestine cancer because they are hot. The Heart is responsible to descend the breast milk to the uterus to be eliminated by the “period”. The uterus is in the front of the small intestine, the milk nutrient changes from white to red because of the intense heat from the small intestine. Keeping good circulation in the breasts will prevent breast milk nutrients from depositing so no lumps or cancer can be formed.

There is a shred of crucial evidence to prove breast milk is period:

When a baby breastfeeds, the mother does not have a period, because the baby is taking away the breast milk, but the mother still has a chance to get pregnant. This means eggs are eggs, and the period is period.

If the breast milk reverts, the milk nutrients will accumulate in another organ and may cause cancer. Some cancers include Lupus, breast cancer, Liver cancer, leukemia, Lymphoma, and Lung cancer. In other words, the flow of milk nutrients to the uterus is essential to avoid at least six diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine discourages using mammograms or biopsies as diagnostic methods of detecting cancer. Mammograms and biopsies damage blood vessels in the breast, cause leakage of blood into surrounding areas, and cause cysts to develop. for example: when you try to do a biopsy on the egg York, you insert a needle into the egg York and try to put out a piece of egg York for testing if this egg has cancer or not, by waiting for the test result, the egg has already rotted inside. When a possible cancerous tumor is biopsied, cancer will spread. We say: If It Is Not Broken, Don’t Fix It.

Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers treatments that are safe, effective, and have no adverse health side effects. Herbal medicine is used to change the environment in the body so the cancer cells cannot survive. We focus on strengthening the Heart and Small Intestine function to eliminate the old breast milk with Herbs and acupuncture, which offer the best treatment by stimulating the body to eliminate the disease or cancer cells, regardless of where they are in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine is opposed to surgery, biopsies, and mammograms because they contribute to breast cancer. Controlling emotions is imperative to help prevent further health problems.

Female Discharge Disorders

Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine believes menstruation is the cyclic shedding of the lining of the uterus (endometrium), accompanied by bleeding that occurs in a woman who has not become pregnant. Western Medicine presumes that when pregnancy fails to occur, the blood-filled lining of the uterus is not required, so both the unfertilized egg and the lining are discharged. Western medicine believes many female discharge disorders are due to a hormonal disturbance caused by stress. The cause of painful periods (dysmenorrhea) in many women is unknown. At the same time, other female discharge disorders including the absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) and excessive bleeding (menorrhagia) are often believed to be caused by a “hormonal imbalance”.

Treatments with Western Medicine for patients with menstrual disorders

  1. Are often prescribed hormones. Hormone therapy has many adverse effects, especially when used in combinations.
  2. A Western physician may further investigate the cause of female discharge disorders by performing a pelvic examination, a PAP smear, and blood and urine tests.
  3. Other tests such as hormone and chromosome studies, a sonogram (ultrasound), and x-rays of the reproductive organs may be performed.
  4. Another test called a D & C (Dilation and Curettage), which is the scraping of the uterus lining to determine the cause of abnormal menstrual bleeding, requires anesthesia. Unfortunately, a D & C may cause Pelvic inflammatory disease.
  5. Patients suspected of having Pelvic inflammatory disease may be tested with a procedure called culdocentesis. A needle is inserted into the area behind the vagina to determine if there is pus in the abdominal cavity.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that female discharge disorders relate to the heart and liver. The heart controls the body’s spirit and the liver controls the anger emotion. Women who are irritable and bad-tempered are very susceptible to discharge problems. The liver meridian regulates the physiology of the ovary and uterus, while the heart meridian controls the milk lactation flow. “The period” is actually breast milk that travels down to the ovary and uterus and is heated by the small intestine to become blood. When the small intestine’s temperature decreases or when the liver meridian’s metabolism slows, then “the period” flow will be abnormal. An abnormal or irregular period flow allows bruises (old blood) to stay in the uterus. When bruises are present, abnormal discharges occur.
Treatments with Traditional Chinese Medicine will heal abnormal discharges by using natural herbs to help the body correct the meridian metabolism of the liver and heart, increase the small intestine heat, and dissolve bruises for improved blood circulation.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western medicine believes that the cause of uterus cancer is an excess of estrogen hormones. Diagnosis is made by examining a sample of the uterine lining from a biopsy or scraping the uterus lining. Presently, western medicine must wait until cysts or tumors have formed in the uterus or ovaries before treatment can begin.
Treatment with Western Medicine includes using surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to eliminate cancer. These therapies, unfortunately, cause detrimental side effects, and in some cases, death results. With the treatments available with Western medicine, the damage done in many instances is worse than the disease itself. Western Medicine believes An imbalance of hormone levels causes premenstrual syndrome (PMS) during the menstrual cycle or nutritional deficiencies.
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that uterus cancer is caused primarily by the flu or damage to the heart and/or small intestine. When the flu is contracted during the period, it disrupts the menstrual cycle flow with its hot or cold temperature. As a result, residual blood nutrients deposit in the uterus, which sets the stage for cancer development. Traditional Chinese Medicine does not advocate using antibiotics because of the damage it causes to the heart. Pain killer drugs are also to be avoided because they will damage the small intestine. When chemical drugs deposit in the liver, a decreased blood supply to the uterus results. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that when the body’s water and blood circulation are functioning properly, no deposits of old nutrients can occur.
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes females in good health should not experience PMS. PMS is actually an early warning alarm of residual blood nutrients depositing in the uterus. Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine includes using herbs to help the blood flow, dissolve old residual nutrients, and increase the heart and small intestine heat.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 2 different types of “asthma.” The first type is difficulty inhaling which is related to a Kidney disorder. The second type is difficulty exhaling which is related to a Lung disorder.
When there is any Kidney disorder, symptoms may include shortness of breath or difficulty when inhaling. When treating this type of asthma, we have to treat the Kidneys, Heart, and Spleen so the Lung function will return. A valve in the throat allows only air to enter into our lungs when we breathe, so no liquids or food can enter into the lungs. Understanding this concept helps you realize that no medicine should be routed directly into the lungs. When the heart, Spleen, and Kidneys are strong and functioning properly, the Lung function will slowly return. Difficulty inhaling is primarily a disorder of the Kidneys and is not a real Lung disease.
The second type of asthma deals with difficulty and shortness of breath when exhaling. This type is seen as a Lung disorder. The Lungs control the skin pores. The pores should also breathe when we inhale and exhale. Treating this type of asthma begins with restoring Liver function. The liver is the biggest organ underneath our lungs. The Liver should be treated in order to ensure it is soft enough to allow the diaphragm to fully descend as the lungs expand. The Spleen is also treated along with the Liver. The Spleen also should be soft to allow the diaphragm to fully descend as we inhale and exhale.
As you can see, when treating both types of “asthma”, our therapies never involve just treating the Lungs. With any Lung problem, whether it be from a common cold, asthma, bronchitis, or even Lung cancer, if you continually wake up or cannot sleep between the hours of 3:00 to 5:00 in the morning, it is a body sign that a Lung disease has started.
How do you know if you are on the right track when it comes to your choice of medical treatment? It’s simple. Just recognize your body’s symptoms. If you are able to naturally sleep through the hours of 3:00 – 5:00 in the morning, your body is clearly telling you that the medicines are working and the Lung disease is healing.

Lung cancer

Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Traditional Chinese Medicine defines a tumor or cancer growth as an Excess. An Excess is something that should not be there. In order for cancer cells (an Excess) to grow, there need to be 2 key elements. The first is water. The second is nutrition.
Before any Lung cancer can form, there must first be a water environment suitable for the cancer cells to thrive. In most cases, there will be water or a thick damp fluid which will settle at the bottom of the Lungs, or between the sides of the Lungs and the ribcage. If there is any water in or around your Lungs, you will not be able to lay flat on your back without having complications such as coughing or difficulty breathing. Obviously, if you have too much water in the Lungs, it creates an environment suitable for cancer cells to survive.
Any manufactured nutritional supplement must be avoided, even if it says “All Natural”, Humans should get nutrients from natural foods and herbs and never from any manufactured or processed pills, powders, or supplements. We must realize that nutritional supplements are too rich in nutrients, and anything too rich will feed the cancer cells. Milk (dairy products), and estrogen pills (female hormone replacement) will also increase the risk of getting Lung cancer.
Traditional Chinese Medicine understands Lung cancer in women begins from breast milk which has reverted to the Lungs. Men get Lung cancer when their sperm reverts to the Lungs these results when the Heart has become weak.
Symptoms to look for include waking up every morning between 3:00 to 5:00. Men may look for mustache or beard hair that has stopped growing which is actually just the residual of old sperm nutrients. Women may look for menstrual changes, especially if the period has stopped before reaching menopause. Other symptoms of Lung cancer include chronic coughing and coughing up clear to white bubbly mucus. When cancer gets worse, there may be blood mixed in with the mucus.
When Traditional Chinese Medicine treats Lung cancer, we eliminate the excess water and isolate the food supply (nutrients). The Liver is also treated so the Lung cancer cannot spread to the Liver and other organs. The Spleen is treated so you will have a good appetite.
Learn to select natural organic foods. Natural organic foods and Chinese herbs are alkaline in nature, while processed foods are acid in nature and will feed cancer cells. Coffee and anything with refined sugar in it also acid and must be avoided. Our goal is to help you keep your body on the alkaline side because no virus, bacteria, or cancer can survive in an alkaline environment. Knowing what foods and drinks to avoid and which foods to select are essential in helping create an alkaline environment within your body that will help in treating cancer.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicines believes that external hemorrhoids may be caused by a congenital weakness of the veins in the anus. Major symptoms associated with hemorrhoids include itching, fluid discharge, swelling, and sharp pains around the anus. When the pressure increases from straining to move hard feces, hemorrhoids may result. Hemorrhoids also commonly occur after childbirth and during pregnancy. Individuals who lack fiber in their diet are also susceptible to hemorrhoids. Western Medicine may perform a proctoscopy (examination of the rectum through a viewing tube) when diagnosing hemorrhoids to exclude cancer.
Western Medicine Treatment

  1. Involves high fiber diets, regular toilet habits, and suppositories and creams with corticosteroid drugs or local anesthetics to reduce swelling and pain.
  2. Prolapsed hemorrhoids require surgery.
  3. Internal hemorrhoids are removed by tying bands around them to cause them to wither off.
  4. Other treatment methods include the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze or shrink the veins.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that hemorrhoids occur when there are excessive damp and heat conditions within the intestines. The spleen controls the muscles and moisture of the body. Exercising helps to maintain proper spleen function. Individuals who have sedentary lifestyles do not help the moisture in the body circulate. This moisture accumulates in the abdominals. When the rotten food in the digestive system creates heat, combined with the accumulated moisture, this sets the basis for an overall increase in intestinal pressure. This pressure when coupled with gravity results in an ‘infection’ on the inside or outside of the colon (hemorrhoids).
Traditional Chinese Medicine treats hemorrhoids by using herbs to eliminate the ‘damp heat’ environment to relieve intestinal pressure. Herbs are also used to dry up external hemorrhoids to help them whither and fall off. By changing the body’s internal environment, hemorrhoids can be eliminated naturally.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine believes that internal hemorrhoids are caused by straining at bowel movement, or from conditions such as cirrhosis, or during pregnancy and immediately after childbirth due to increased pressure in the veins of the intestine. Diagnosis with Western Medicine requires a rectal examination.
Treatments with Western Medicine

  1. Are aimed at easing the symptoms by using stool softeners, or suppositories with corticosteroids and anesthetics to reduce swelling and pain.
  2. Grabbing hemorrhoid with forceps, and constricting a rubber band around it to make hemorrhoid wither and drop off.
  3. Western Medicine uses involve injecting a chemical into a hemorrhoid which causes fibrous tissue to grow to prevent blood flow.
  4. Complete removal of the hemorrhoid is another treatment option with conventional surgery, laser surgery, or cryosurgery (freezing hemorrhoid off).

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that sedentary people are susceptible to developing hemorrhoids. Exercise helps maintain proper spleen function, and the spleen is the organ that controls the body’s moisture and muscles. Exercising helps the body’s moisture circulate, and sedentary individuals allow moisture to deposit in the abdomen. Accumulated moisture with rotten foods produces heat in the small intestine, increasing gravity’s pressure to the large intestine. The end result is an ‘infection’ on the inside/outside of the colon.
Treatments with Traditional Chinese Medicine will eliminate the excess moisture in the small intestine. All-natural herbs are used to eliminate rotten food deposits in the small intestine, eliminate ‘infections’, heal any wounds, and decrease the size of the hemorrhoids.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine has many different names to describe the many different types of lymphatic cancers (lymphomas). One of the most common is Hodgkins’s lymphoma or Hodgkin’s disease. Lymphoma is a general term to describe any cancer that develops in the lymphatic system, especially in the lymph nodes. When tumors arise in the lining of the stomach, it is termed gastric cancer or stomach cancer. There is some speculation in the Western Medicine community that eating pickled, salted, or smoked foods may be associated with stomach cancer. Unfortunately, the cause of lymphoma and stomach cancer remains unknown in Western Medicine.
Diagnosis with Western medicine

  1. If lymphoma is suspected, a biopsy will be performed to surgically remove the lymph node for examination and an x-ray with dyes (lymphangiogram) may be performed for diagnosis.
  2. If lymphoma is diagnosed, there may be additional tests, including blood tests, CT scans, bone-marrow biopsies, bone scans, and kidney studies.

If stomach cancer is suspected, a long flexible viewing tube will be inserted down the patient’s mouth to examine the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, and small intestine. In addition, a biopsy of the stomach lining will be required for the examination.

Western Medicine treats Lymphoma with radiation and chemotherapy

Western Medicine treats Stomach cancer will undergo the removal of their stomach, and if needed, additional treatments with radiation and chemotherapy.
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the above-mentioned problems result when the body’s water system is not circulating properly or deposits of excessive nutrients in the body to feed the cancer cells. Patients with stomach cancer may experience vomiting large amounts of blood. We believe that bleeding should not be stopped, except in cases of trauma. When the body’s metabolism is restored, the bleeding will stop by itself.
Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs to change the body’s internal environment, making it undesirable for cancer cells to existing. Herbal medicines will warm the body’s temperature to improve the water system’s circulation. Other herbs are used to help dissolve any old bruises or deposited nutrition. Treatments involving surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy will worsen the condition and cause detrimental side effects.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine believes that gallstones are from excess cholesterol in the bile juices. They believe that if the bile is overloaded with cholesterol, a tiny particle can form and will gradually grow as more material solidifies around it creating a stone. Diagnosing a gallstone with Western Medicine requires ultrasound scanning equipment or having the patient injected with a dye so the problem can be seen on x-ray.
Treatment methods

  1. Include using shock-wave treatment to shatter the stones, or surgery to remove the gallbladder.
  2. In some mild cases, medication is prescribed to dissolve only the small and noncalcified stones, however, the drugs take several years to dissolve the stones fully and must be taken for the rest of the patient’s life to prevent further stones. Unfortunately, after the gallbladder is removed, the original pain remains, and since the original problem was never taken care of, patients develop excruciating pains from newly formed liver stones.

Traditional Chinese Medicine understands the complete function of the gallbladder and thus, can successfully treat and eliminate gallstones. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the gallbladder contains fluid provided from the bladder and that the force to cause the gallbladder to release stored bile comes from the heart. When there is insufficient fluid in the bile mixture, the bile becomes very thick and hardens, resulting in stones. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses body signs to accurately diagnose and confirm any existence of gallstones, big or small.
Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs and acupuncture to stimulate the body to eliminate gallstones while improving the heart, liver, bladder, and small intestine function so stones do not recur.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine advises patients with pains to try over-the-counter medications for relief. Unfortunately, many patients get little to no relief, so more powerful pain-killing drugs are prescribed. All pain-killing drugs will cause insidious harm to the internal organs and will accumulate as toxins in the liver. In addition, some pain-killing drugs may become very addictive.
Traditional Chinese Medicine separates body circulation into two divisions. The upper body circulation is controlled by the heart and the lower body circulation is controlled by the small intestine. The upper body is Yang and is dominated by the Qi (water) system. When the Qi moves, the blood will also move.
Traditional Chinese Medicine treats upper body pains with herbal medicines. Herbs are used to help the Qi circulation and to eliminate clots/bruises. Acupuncture in combination with herbal medicines gives the best results when eliminating pains.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine treats pains of various etiologies with pain-killing drugs. In some cases, surgery is used for much lower back pain and knee disorders. Pain-killing drugs may become addictive and will over time, cause damage to the liver, small intestine, and other internal organs.
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the small intestine controls the lower body’s circulation. The small intestine also controls the body’s vein circulation to help blood return to the body. Pains in the lower abdomen and legs may result if there are poor circulation or old bruises (clots) that remain in certain areas.
Traditional Chinese Medicine often uses herbs to help patients with pains in the lower body. Herbs are used to increase heat to the small intestine, help the venous circulation to the heart, dissolve bruises between the muscles and tendons, eliminate excess fluid around internal injuries, and increase good blood. Acupuncture is often used in combination with herbal medicines to speed recovery.
Acupuncture works exceptionally well to relieve all types of painful disorders, including pain from herniated disks causing low back pain and sciatica, and for helping knee pain by strengthening the joints and increasing good circulation. Patients who receive acupuncture treatments for pain after they have already had surgery of that area (knee surgery, herniated disk surgery) will not recover as fast as those who receive acupuncture and have avoided surgery.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine believes that lower back pain is caused by a mechanical disorder affecting the structure of the back. These disorders include herniated discs, ligament strain, or muscle spasms. A herniated disk supposedly puts excessive pressure on the nerves causing pain. X-rays are required to help diagnose any fractures or displacements of the spine. MRI tests or myelograms (dye injections for x-ray tests) are also used to help determine if herniated discs may be the cause.
Western Medicine treats acute episodes of back pain

  1. Are often treated by offering heat or cold treatments.
  2. Pain killers and muscle relaxants to ease the pain.
  3. If a herniated disc is diagnosed, traction therapy (gradual pulling apart the upper and lower portions of the body) may be offered on a regular basis to help relieve the pressure of the herniated material upon the sciatic nerve.
  4. In many cases where herniated discs are found, surgery is often recommended. Lower back surgery is a delicate operation in which the tough ligaments along the spine are sliced and held open. Bone cutting forceps will then remove part or all of the adjacent spinal process so that the spinal cord can be gently pushed to the opposite side of the vertebra allowing the disk prolapse to be seen and removed. Additionally, metal rods or sections of bone from other parts of the body may be used to fuse vertebrae together to help stabilize the spine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the body can eliminate pain without unnecessary surgery or drugs. Lower back pain is not always a result of structural disorders. There are many individuals who have severe structural disorders of the lower back, including herniated disks, yet have no back pains. There are also many who have no signs of structural disorders of the back, yet have excruciating pain.
Acupuncture is often used to relieve any type of pain. When the meridian blockages are eliminated, the body’s circulation will improve and the pain will subside. If patients haven’t had surgery, acupuncture in conjunction with herbs will give good results. Herbal medicines are used to help improve circulation, eliminate bruises, and strengthen the spine and bone. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that surgery will result in permanent damage and change acute pain into chronic. Over time, taking painkilling drugs will cause constipation and eventually cause liver and kidney damage.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine believes that gout is from deposits of uric acid in the joints. This statement only describes gout. It doesn’t explain the true cause of gout. Symptoms associated with gout are reddish skin in the joint area, swelling, and joints that are sensitive to touch. The most commonly attacked joint is that of the big toe. Other joints commonly affected include the knee, ankle, wrist, foot, and small joints of the hand. After the second attack of gout, more joints often become involved, and the pain becomes constant.
Treatment of gout with Western Medicine includes using steroid and painkilling drugs to control the inflammations and pain. Drugs to block uric acid formation in the body are also used to control the symptoms.
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the cause of gout results from excessive consumption of sweet and greasy foods with alcohol. Alcohol alone is not the culprit. (Incidentally, laypeople have referred to gout as a ‘disease of the affluent because only the wealthy could afford rich foods). The spleen controls the sweet taste, and the spleen also secretes grease (fats) to maintain the body’s temperature. Excessive consumption of sweet and greasy foods will cause the sweet nutrients to become acid in the body. When the kidneys cannot eliminate all the excess acid in the body, the acids will follow the water system and deposit in the joints. Drinking alcohol will allow for more uric acid to circulate into the joints causing painful joint symptoms.
Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs to treat painful joint disorders by strengthening the spleen and kidneys. Additional herbs are used to ‘mix’ with the acid in the body. This is how pain and acid can be decreased. To prevent gout from reoccurring, reduce the number of sweets, greasy foods, and alcohol you consume.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine tries to diagnose patients with weak lower limbs by testing the condition of the heart, nervous system, bones, joints, muscles, and blood. Some even believe that it is solely from emotional disorders. In most cases, the causes of the condition cannot be determined.
Although the cause of the condition remains unknown to Western Medicine, they rely on steroids to give patients energy when they can barely lift their feet or legs.
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the spleen is responsible for controlling the lower limbs. When heat from the heart and moisture from the spleen are provided to the small intestine, the body can efficiently digest foods. Food nutrients are vital sources of the body’s energy. When the body needs energy, the pressure from the lungs will allow the spleen to release nutrients to the leg muscles, which in turn will convert the nutrients into energy. If the small intestine loses heat or if the digestive system doesn’t work properly, the blood flow back to the heart will be impaired.
Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbs to strengthen the spleen and lungs while eliminating excess moisture, which may be creating a burden to the small intestine. When the body’s internal organs are functioning properly, weakness of the lower limbs will no longer be a problem.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine has different classifications for leukemia, a form of cancer in which abnormal white blood cells accumulate in the blood and bone marrow. The cause of leukemia is unknown to Western Medicine. They believe there are certain factors that increase the risk of developing leukemia, such as exposure to chemicals, radiation, drugs, and some viruses. Some even believe that unusual genes may be responsible for cell abnormalities.
A diagnosis for leukemia is suggested by blood tests that show large numbers of white blood cells. Further, a bone marrow biopsy may be needed to confirm the diagnosis.
Treatment with Western Medicine

  1. Involves using anticancer drugs or chemotherapy to ‘kill’ the white blood cells, with maintenance chemotherapy given over a 2 to 3 year period. Radiation with x-rays or radioactive phosphorus may also be used as treatment.
  2. Another treatment option is a bone marrow transplant in which the patient’s blood-producing cells are first destroyed with radiation. Afterward, the donor’s ‘healthy’ cells are injected into the bone marrow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes this disorder is caused by disharmony between Yin (red blood cells) and Yang (white blood cells). If there is a blockage of nutrients to the spleen from the small intestine or when nutrients are not properly delivered to various organs are ‘blocked,’‘ leukemia’ results. This causes nutrients to revert to the spinal bone marrow. When the body gets ‘confused’ from the delivery of excess nutrients, it will make more cells. Leukemia may also result when breast milk in females or sperm in males do not follow their normal pathways causing it to revert to the spinal bone marrow.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all cancers start from cells getting the wrong message from ‘foreign’ or ‘old’ nutrients in the body. Antibiotics, steroids, or radiation will cause the body to create additional white blood cells, as the body creates more white blood cells to eliminate these foreign substances. Using chemotherapy and radiation only stimulates the Yang (white blood cells) and prevents the internal organs from getting proper nutrients. Getting blood transfusions causes a heavy burden to the liver and will cause additional stresses to the body.
Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the imbalance of red and white blood cells with natural herbal medicines. Herbs to eliminate deposits in the organs, balance the spleen and marrow, and prevent the loss of red blood cells (anemia) are used. When the spleen function is good, then nutrient delivery can be efficient. Acupuncture may also be used to supplement the treatment. Using radiation and toxic chemical drugs only suppresses symptoms temporarily and do not get to the underlying cause of the disease.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine constantly reminds patients that high cholesterol and high triglyceride (fat) levels lead to heart disease. Western Medicine believes that a high blood cholesterol level increases the risk of accumulating a layer of fat on the lining of the arteries, which will lead to coronary artery disease, heart attack, or stroke. The liver produces cholesterol in the blood when cholesterol-rich foods are consumed, such as eggs and dairy products. The National Cholesterol Education Program has established 200 milligrams or less as the desirable cholesterol level for adults. Western Medicine believes that saturated oils found in daily products, red meats, and certain oils tend to raise blood cholesterol levels. Western medicine also believes that very high cholesterol levels may be caused by a genetic disorder. The level of cholesterol in the blood is measured by taking blood samples.
Western Medicine treats high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels by prescribing cholesterol-lowering drugs. Other recommendations will be to reduce stress, increase exercise, lose weight, and change to a low-fat diet.
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels relate to problems with the bowels. When constipation occurs, toxins in the colon can flow into the liver, causing high triglyceride levels.
Traditional Chinese Medicine uses herbal medicine to treat patients with high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels. By returning the bowel movements to normal, toxins will not be reabsorbed, and the pressure on the liver will decrease. Additionally, patients are advised to avoid fried foods and to stop snacking.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine understands that Kidney stones are crystals made up of mineral and organic substances. Unfortunately, Western Medicine has no identifiable cause of kidney stones in the vast majority of cases. There are, however, some factors which Western Medicine believes may attribute to kidney stones. Some believe that stones result from inherited disorders or from excessive consumption of foods or drinks with oxalic acid such as spinach, leafy vegetables, rhubarb, and coffee. Metabolic disorders and diseases which result in too much calcium in the blood, like hyperparathyroidism, multiple myeloma, or hormonal disorders, are also used to explain the cause of kidney stones. Western Medicine has to wait until the stones get big enough to cause severe pains or until blood is seen in the urine before kidney stones are detected. Diagnosis requires examining the urine to detect any red blood cells or the presence of crystals. Scans, X-rays, and dye injections are also used to visually identify the stones on film.
Treatment of kidney stones with Western Medicine

  1. Use of a special catheter type device to hook and drag out stones in the lower end of the urinary tract.
  2. Surgery or ultrasonic treatments are used to eliminate the larger stones.

Since the small, grain-like stones cannot be eliminated with Western Medicine, kidney stones often reoccur.
Traditional Chinese Medicine can detect and eliminate kidney stones when they are virtually undetectable by Western Medicine. The body can accurately detect if there are any kidney stones, even if they are as small as grains of sand. Kidney stones will result from the excessive consumption of calcium supplements, Vitamin C supplements, or from drinking unfiltered tap water. Individuals who have kidney-related disorders in which the urine is not completely eliminated may have an increased risk of developing stones.
Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture and herbs to eliminate kidney stones. Herbal medicines are used to allow more water to get to the kidneys, separate and break up existing and developing stones, and stop and prevent bleeding. Good preventative measures for kidney stones include avoiding calcium and Vitamin C supplements or pills and drinking only good quality filtered water. Avoid drinking underground water and drink tea more often because it acts like baking soda. It neutralizes acidity in the body.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western medicine explains that the development of itchy wheals and rashes (urticaria) are the result of an allergic reaction in which a chemical (histamine) is released from skin cells and causes fluid to leak into the skin tissue. Western Medicine understands that urticaria often results from an allergic reaction to a particular kind of food, drug, or food additive.
Treatments with Western Medicine will attempt to stop the symptoms of itching by applying calamine lotion or with antihistamine drugs. In severe cases, antibiotics or steroids are prescribed. Additionally, you will be advised to avoid certain foods to prevent future allergic reactions. The cause of urticaria in Western medicine is unknown.
Traditional Chinese Medicine understands the cause of allergies (especially from food). Allergic breakouts result from residual toxins in the small intestine that were not eliminated when you were born. Certain foods will excite the toxins in the small intestine and cause allergic reactions in the form of skin eruptions and a fever. Allergic skin reactions may also occur if you have very picky eating habits. When you train your body to eat only a certain variety of foods, the body will adjust when other foods are eaten, resulting in allergic reactions. Germs act as scavengers and feed on waste materials and residual toxins within the body. Using antibiotics will kill the scavenger germs but will not eliminate the underlying cause of the disease nor the toxins which feed the germs. Additionally, antibiotics will cause abnormal weight gain in children and cause damage to the heart and kidneys.
Traditional Chinese Medicine solves the problem by using herbs to increase the small intestine’s digestive function while eliminating poisons in the blood. When we change the environment in the body, we can eliminate the suitable habitat needed for germs to survive.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine believes dry, itchy skin is due to allergic, psychological, or hereditary reasons. Dermatologists will likely examine the skin with a magnifying glass and take specimens of the skin for microscopic study. Blood tests and a biopsy of superficial lymph nodes may be performed to help them rule out other diseases that could affect the skin.
Western Medicine treats dry, itchy skin.

  1. By advising patients to avoid substances that may be triggering the problem.
  2. To keep the skin from losing moisture, they recommend applying lotions or oils to the affected skin areas and taking iron supplements for nutritional measures.
  3. If the skin becomes infected, antibiotics are commonly prescribed.
  4. Other drugs to control the symptoms of itching and pain include steroids and antihistamines.
  5. If conditions worsen, hospitalization may be necessary to rule out any strong irritants and provide intensive care for the symptoms.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the skin is control by the lungs. The skin pores should breathe when the lung is inhaling. If the lungs are healthy, the skin quality should be moist. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we believe the Large Intestine and Lungs have external and internal relationships. When people eat food, the food has water inside to swallow the food without causing problems. The food with water will go from the mouth to the Large Intestine. and the nutrition in the Large Intestine will be absorbed because the fire from the Small Intestine cooking the food in the Large Intestine and then, the water in the Large Intestine will steam, the vapor goes up to the Lungs, and the Lungs can moist the skin. In another world, we believe if the temperature of the small intestine is


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine believes that moist skin disorders (eczema) are caused by allergens and recognizes that it often occurs for no known reason. Some Western Medical physicians believe the causes are from genetic or psychological factors.
Western Medicine uses oils or lotions on the affected areas to keep the skin soft. In many cases, antihistamine drugs for itching, corticosteroid drugs for pain, and antibiotic drugs for infections are prescribed.
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the spleen controls the body’s muscles and moisture circulation. Ordinarily, the excess moisture in the body is released through the bowels, however, lack of exercise and consumption of excessive amounts of sweet or sour foods will cause the moisture to be released through the skin. This may look like a skin disease but the problem is actually deeper in the muscles.
Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine will use herbs to strengthen the kidneys to maintain good water circulation, decrease the temperature in the small intestine, eliminate excess moisture from the large intestine, absorb excess moisture, and stop itching. Steroids will damage the kidneys and must be avoided.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician
Tammy Huang, LAc

Western Medicine

Western Medicine believes that strokes are due to blockage of artery and rupture of an artery in the brain. They believe high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, heart attack, an irregular heartbeat, and a damaged heart valve are high risks of getting a stroke.
Western Medicine first does a general exam to evaluate the patient for signs of vascular disease. CT scans are generally the first diagnostic test completed when a patient with suspected stroke. CT scans are used to distinguish between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. To further determine the extent of the brain damage, MRI, Carotid Ultrasonography, Transcranial Doppler (TCD), Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Echocardiogram (ECG) tests may be required.
In western medicine, whether ischemic or hemorrhagic, stroke is treated with anticoagulant drugs, aspirin, or vascular surgery. Physical therapy and speech therapy are used for rehabilitation after a stroke. Treatment differs for each type of stroke, however.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes for preventing stroke, that several symptoms will give us a signal that a stroke may occur in the future. These symptoms include:

  1. Chest pains
  2. Irregular bowel movements
  3. Tingling or numbness of the fingers and toes
  4. Insomnia
  5. Palms and feet cool
  6. Forehead and body are warm

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes the heart produces blood and thermal heat, and the lungs are like a sky on the upper body to control the whole body Qi. The heart generates thermal heat with lung Qi to circulate the blood all over the body. When the heart and lung functions are deficient, the thermal energy decreases within the body, creating blood clots in vessels.
Treating strokes with Traditional Chinese Medicine involves herbs to clear out blood clots and strengthen vessels in the brain. Acupuncture will improve balance and gait for patients with difficulty walking and impaired motor skills.

Acid Reflux

Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Cause of Acid Reflux

The cause of Acid Reflux is refined sugar, coffee, eating too much acidic food, overeating, eating too late,vitamins & supplements. These calorie-rich, nutritionally sugars contribute to cause acid reflux and feed the virus, bacteria, and cancer cells.

Do not replace refined sugar with artificial sweeteners!

Products containing refined carbohydrates, such as bleached wheat flour. Artificial sweeteners are “pure” poison and “sweetly” destroy your liver and pancreas. No matter the refined sugars or the artificial sweeteners, they interfere with your metabolism and impede your body from getting healthy nutrition from your food. The artificial sweeteners first are eaten by the virus in the oral cavity and that oral virus then excretes acid from the metabolite. So the people get acid reflux after eating sweat.

Vitamins and supplements

No matter what type of concentrated vitamins, minerals, or supplements you take, they will burden the kidneys or the liver. We don’t exactly know enough about the different types of concentrated vitamins, minerals, or supplements and how they work properly for our bodies. For instance, after you take a one-tenth amount of the Vitamin C pill, your urine will immediately turn orange. This means that you are just flushing your money down the drain. But nature does know when you eat a crate of oranges you won’t see any change in your urine color because nature put everything you need in the orange with the vitamin C including lots of fiber to clean the old nutrition out. Nature also makes oranges available at the time of the year that you need more vitamin C. The same is true for all vitamins and minerals, just not always so obvious. Eating more concentrated vitamins, minerals, or supplements equals to put more excessive nutrition in your body, and then potentially feed the cancer cells and create acid in your body.

Eating too late

When you eat too late the food just sits in your stomach and rots all night. Even wood can be turned into methanol (a poison to humans) when rotted. These fermentation products are just different types of sugar that are even easier for the flies to digest. Your body can not use this sugar at night to convert some of it to cholesterol to reduce the sugar in your blood; much of the remainder is eaten by the flies. During the day the liver produces acid and bile to help with digestion. At night the liver is supposed to stop the acid production from doing its more important job of helping your body regenerate. Even western textbooks say that the liver has some ability to regenerate itself. In Chinese medicine, the liver is responsible for the regeneration of the entire body. The liver can begin overproducing acid to catch up with the digestion to perform its function of regeneration. The overproduction of acid combined with the pressure from the rotting food puts too much pressure back up into the esophagus creating much of the acid reflux. Breakfast means to break your fasting (~12hrs), not take a fast break. If you do not have a bunch of old rotten food, you should feel hungry in the morning from the night before in your stomach.


Overeating also plugs the pipes, like shoving too much into your garbage disposal at once.

Coffee and soda

Coffee and soda contain a large amount of damaging, unnatural acids. This just contributes to high levels of acid accumulating in your body.

Acid Reflux & Joint Pain

Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

The acid accumulates in the joints, where the circulation is not as strong, causing pain and swelling of the joints. The excess acid in the circulation also creates small holes in the blood vessels; this is a big problem in the arteries near the heart where the pressure is highest, which the body tries to plug with cholesterol creating blockages.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician
Tammy Huang, LAc

Western medicine

Western Medicine believes diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body cannot properly metabolize foods (especially carbohydrates). They believe that diabetes is from family genetics and other factors such as viruses, the environment, and being overweight, which causes the body to destroy its own insulin-producing cells within the pancreas. Western Medicine believes that if the pancreas does not release enough hormone (insulin) to convert sugar and starches into energy, excess sugar builds in the blood, damaging blood vessels and internal organs.

Treatment with Western Medicine includes administering self-injections of insulin, often combined with glucose drugs. These treatments are often lifelong, and unfortunately, long-term use of these drugs will lead to blindness, loss of libido, and kidney failure. Special diets are also prescribed as part of the therapy. Regularly monitoring the blood sugar level and frequently seeing a Western Medical physician are necessary to prevent complications.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that an improper lifestyle, not genetics, is one reason for high blood sugar problems. The spleen receives nutrients from the small intestine, and the spleen also sends moisture to the small intestine. The spleen converts excessive nutrients in the body into fat. Excessive fat will burden the heart. The heart provides heat so the pancreas can burn fat and maintain balance within the body. A chronic imbalance of the spleen and pancreas will lead to kidney failure. This is why all patients at the final stages of diabetes are on renal (kidney) dialysis machines. It is because their kidneys quit working. Western drugs try to control the disease but cannot prevent kidney failure in the end. When manmade insulin is injected, the liver will constantly try to detoxify this substance from the body. Chronically using insulin causes the liver to overwork, creating eye problems since the Liver controls the eyesight.

Treating high blood sugar with Traditional Chinese Medicine involves herbs to strengthen the heart, liver, and kidneys. Herbal medicines will help bring the body’s metabolism back to normal so the body itself (not insulin, a drug) can control the blood sugar. Avoid eating before bedtime since the body’s metabolism slows when sleeping, and excess food in the stomach will be converted into sugars, which will cause a rise in the blood sugar level.

Traditional Chinese medicine sees blood sugar as high because individuals have deficient water in their cardiovascular system. Let’s look at a simple analogy. Take two equal size cups. One cup is filled to the top with water; the other is half full with water. If a teaspoon of sugar is mixed in both cups, which cup will be sweeter tasting? Obviously, the cup which is half-filled with water will taste sweeter. So it isn’t so much the amount of sugar present, but the amount of WATER present. As time passes, the sugar solute will settle to the bottom. This will create a deceiving situation in which the cup of water will appear to have a decreased amount of sugar. Modern medicine follows this principle. The blood sugar is high, so drugs are administered. Results are tested by taking a blood sample from the FINGERTIP, which shows his blood sugar has decreased. But, if the sample was taken from the TOE, the sugar level will read high because the sugar has settled in the feet area as with the analogy before. It appears the sugar problem was resolved, but really it has not. Diabetics generally always have very poor circulation in their feet. As a result, if they ever have a wound in their feet, the wound never heals. Eventually, the infection gets to a stage where pus enters the bone and into the bone marrow. The only method of treatment is amputation of the necrotic area.

Chinese medicine takes a different approach. The standard treatment is to restore water to the cardiovascular system, thereby correcting the sugar imbalance. There are many herbal medicines to treat high blood sugar. But the first thing to do is to protect the kidneys. High blood sugar always damages the kidneys. When the kidneys are healthy, there will be no concern for dialysis. Furthermore, good kidneys prevent heart failure. When the kidneys and heart are working properly, the pancreases will heal itself. If patients keep using insulin, the pancreases will eventually cease to function. At this point of degeneration, it too late for any type of true healing. Insulin is the only route. Also, at this point, herbal medicines may be used to protect the heart/kidneys to avoid dialysis.

There should be no cause for alarm when one is taking Chinese herbal medicine for conditions such as high blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. Drugs may still be kept handy in case of emergencies. They may be taken once in a while. The key is not to abuse them. Chinese herbal medicine taken for a period of time will eventually bring the body back to normal. When this occurs, drugs will not be necessary anymore.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine

Western medical Doctor consistently advises patients to check their blood pressure. The normal reading of blood pressure should normally be less than 120/80 mm Hg (less than 120 systolic AND less than 80 diastolic) for an adult age 20 or over. If blood pressure over 140/90 mm Hg or above (systolic 140 or above OR diastolic 90 or above) over time, called “hypertension.” The Western medical doctor will consider patients have a chance to lead to heart attacks, stroke, and kidney failure. For 85% to 95% of people with high blood pressure, the cause of their high blood pressure is not known.

If readings stay at 140/ or above, your doctor will likely want you to begin a treatment plan. Such a program almost always includes lifestyle changes and often prescription medication for those with readings of 140/90 or higher. The prescription medication includes diuretics, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, and ACE inhibitors. Since Western Medicine does not yet know and understand the true cause of high blood pressure, they cannot effectively treat it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes there is no high blood pressure disease, and it is only a symptom of changes within the body. It shouldn’t be less than 120 over 80 to describe “normal” blood pressure for people. Human body structures vary from person to person. Depending on their personality, emotions, job, tall, short, big, or small body structures.

Diuretic drugs not only eliminate bad water and also eliminate good water in the body. In combination with diuretic drugs, Gravity will cause the vessels in the brain to dry up first, which may lead to a stroke. This is why high blood pressure medications will actually increase the chance of getting a stroke instead of taking nothing at all.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that high blood pressure results from kidney stones or infections, gallbladder stones or infections, or water retention. When the blood vessels of the body become constricted by water, it creates higher blood pressure.

Traditional Chinese Medicine first observes the whole body and looks for the main cause of high blood pressure. Depending on the cause, Chinese Medicine Practitioners use the herb to eliminate whatever may be causing the problem. By eliminating the bad water from around the vessels, increasing the good water in the body, and restoring the body’s circulation, high blood pressure symptoms can be relieved.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine

Western medicine has no idea what is causing chest pain. Any part of the chest can cause the pain, including the heart, lungs, esophagus, muscle, bone, and skin. Because of the complex nerve distribution in the body, chest pain may actually originate for another part of the body. For example, the stomach or other organs in the belly can cause chest pain. Unfortunately, even with the most sophisticated medical technology available today, cardiologists cannot accurately predict heart attacks. A chest x-ray and blood test are routinely performed to help diagnose the cause of chest pain. If angina is suspected, an electrocardiogram and stress test may be scheduled to assist with their diagnosis.

Treatment for chest pain with Western Medicine

  1. Aspirin or blood-thinning drugs.
  2. Angina attacks are treated with medications such as beta-blockers or calcium channel blockers.
  3. A catheter with a balloon on its tip (angioplasty) may be used on a segment of an artery that is narrowed.
  4. Coronary artery bypass surgery may be performed if the left main coronary artery is blocked or if several major arteries are diseased.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has diagnostic methods to differentiate the different causes of heart pain without radiation or blood tests. A pain that runs from the chest to the back and back to the chest is one particular type of chest pain. The excessive thick fluid which encloses the pericardium is the root cause of this type of heart disease and cannot be seen on x-rays. This type of chest pain is a warning sign of a special type of heart disease (nor coronary artery disease). If an individual allows this symptom to run its course for a year, this disease will invariably lead to a heart attack.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats this particular type of chest pain with natural herbal medicines. Herbal medicines are used to eliminate the thick fluid around the pericardium and to strengthen the heart. If chest pain has occurred, Acupuncture definitely can stop the chest pain immediately without any side effect.


Hai-Sha Ni, Traditional Chinese Physician

Western Medicine

Constipation occurs when bowel movements become difficult or less frequent. Western medicine believes that most cases of constipation are harmless. They also believe that the most common cause of constipation is inadequate water intake and inadequate fiber intake in the diet. Obesity is becoming more and more common in our society. Western Medicine is unclear as to why some people become obese. It is thought that genetic factors play a part in developing obesity.

Western Medicine treats constipation.

  1. By having patients increase their daily fiber intake and drinking more fluids.
  2. Laxatives and purgatives are not advised as they are believed to cause the bowels to become inactive.

Western Medicines treat obesity.

  1. Western Medicine recommends a weight-loss diet in combination with regular exercise.
  2. For severely obese patients, surgical operations have been used for wiring the jaw from opening too much, allowing less food to be consumed.
  3. The surgical option includes stapling the stomach together to reduce its size.
  4. Another surgically bypassing a large portion of the small intestine reduces the digestive tract length and allows less food to be absorbed.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that overweight and constipated individuals will suffer disorders such as asthma, heart disease, headache, high blood pressure, high sugar levels, and high cholesterol levels. When the heart is strengthened, and the spleen/pancreas functions are balanced, appetite can be moderated, and weight loss can begin. Constipation must be eliminated to prevent toxins from accumulating within the body and causing numerous health problems. For example: when you throw a piece of raw beef under the sun for few hours, the beef is decaying and smelling bad right away. In another world, if the stool stays too long in your body, it will cause numerous health problems.

Treatment of constipation and obesity with Traditional Chinese Medicine includes herbal medicines to help the heart, spleen, and pancreas functions. Acupuncture may be in conjunction with herbs to help increase the results of the treatment.


Western Medicine believes that excruciating facial nerve pains (trigeminal neuralgia) may be associated with multiple sclerosis; however, the cause of trigeminal neuralgia in Western Medicine is uncertain. Patients with trigeminal neuralgia may also experience facial twitching.

Treatment of trigeminal neuralgia with Western Medicine

  1. Involves anticonvulsants and pain-killing drugs to suppress the pain. Treatment is difficult because people become resistant to the drugs or cannot tolerate a high enough dose to relieve the pain.
  2. Various shots are injected directly into the nerve to try to stop the pain.
  3. When these pain-killing drugs cannot relieve the pain, surgery to cut the nerves is used as a last resort. When facial nerves are surgically destroyed to alleviate pain, it causes permanent numbness to a noticeable part of the face.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that all meridian activity comes from the internal organs. If the internal organ’s activity is insufficient for the meridians or a blockage in the meridians, sharp pains result. To heal excruciating facial pains, the meridian channels must be opened to let them flow. Using powerful painkilling drugs causes damage to the liver. The liver controls the activity of the bowels, so if constipation results after taking drugs, liver damage has been done.

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses Acupuncture and herbal medicines to eliminate facial pains. Pain-killing drugs or herbs are not used. When specific herbs help the qi, blood, and internal organs, the meridian pains will resolve.

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